BLACK MILK | Atlas of Orbicular Drawings

sound of BLACK MILK  electroacoustic gong


Atlas and Catalogue – 11 Orbicular Drawings | Text – Cosmological Tone

Published to coincide with the exhibition NOW JULIAN SIMMONS

55 photographs, 5 diagrams, 12,000 words | Bespoke ultra-dark graphite silvered ink | 72 pages : 200gsm Fedrigoni paper | Matt-laminate softback : 290gsm Fedrigoni grey card | 30.6 x 23.7 cm
Privately Published : Julian Simmons 2015 | Limited Edition : 500 copies | Printing : The Five Castles Press UK
Artworks, Photographs, Text, Design, Layout : Julian Simmons
£20 excl. shipping


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‘Black Milk really is something.  And something else.
As I read it I kept thinking of William Blake.  And then there he was.’  Angus Cook.

‘Looks great.  It covers life, the whole universe and everything.’  Mat Collishaw.

‘Are they drawn on a dome?’  Bill Jackson.

‘Terrific show – the technique alone is amazing, but the effects … I’ve just been reading up astro- and sub-atomic physics, so I was right at home there, and the eye as mediator between the two. Loved the paper-maker’s eyelash as well. It reminds me of the obscure story about Elizabeth the First and a comet over London.
ps. ‘the throb of the artery’! – I didn’t know that was Blake. Yeats pinched that line, what a rogue.’  Peter Walker.

…yes, the eyelash! – of an Italian paper-maker – must have been seriously stretching his or her brow after their partner revealed they were having an affair  …or some such.  Amazingly invisible before the drawing …the drawing revealing it, detective-like, a message blindly indented into a notepad.  So yes within Yeats is Blake, and knocking about probably a few other poets; always worth standing on the shoulders of the high-points of civilisation.


In this publication I hint at what may be seen from encouraging a sideways gaze.  While to an extent I appreciate the reasoning for photographically recording flat works flat on – as for many works this is the perpendicular in which they were made and intended to be subsequently viewed, but this isn’t how I approached considering or making these drawings.

These are drawings that positively seek and respond to being viewed from all acute and obtuse angles, and under changing angles of natural light; hence their curious nature from the side – they begin to protrude and sink.
Aesthetically they correspond to the not-flat not-3D undetermined dimensions of mental space – and it’s state of knowledge that fuels primitive imaginings.


Many moons ago I wrote a book entitled – NUMINOUS IMAGE AS COSMOLOGICAL MONOGRAPH; it exists in only three copies, and employed a printing method I would further develop for the limited edition large-format tome, PENETRALIA.

It recently struck me that many of it’s subjects on cosmological tone were feeding these current drawings.
With the request “I need 28 pages of text” I handed a copy over to Sarah Lucas …the bizarre but bang-on extracts in this publication are those that she selected.



I SCREAM DADDIO book cover

24 central yellow pages provide what is a precise egg or cheese sandwich! very Caffè Florian.


The exhibition of 18 sculptures, 2 photographs and an 11 x 5 spot painting, is accompanied by a 152 page publication, I SCREAM DADDIO.  Story-book and catalogue, with extensive texts by Sarah Lucas, poems by D.H.Lawrence and profusely illustrated with photographs by Julian Simmons, the book charts a period of 750 eggs – throwing / dancing / massaging / arranging into a nob and bollocks, and making new plaster sculptures in Britain – to their installation in the British Pavilion, Venice.

Concept, Design & Layout : Julian Simmons
Text, 22 chapters : Sarah Lucas  |  9 poems : D.H.Lawrence
Photographs : Julian Simmons
Publisher : The British Council  |  Printer : The Five Castles Press, Ipswich, UK

Softback OTA bound | 152 pages | 162 photographs, 80 full-colour | 20,000 words | 28 x 21.2 x 1.6cm | ISBN 978-0-86355-770-5 | £25 excl. shipping

‘The off-white plaster bodies remind Lucas of meringues in a dessert, with Fergus Henderson providing a recipe for iles flottantes in the catalogue. Lucas’s catalogue, rather than providing explanation (though it does, by devious default) continues her work by other means. Part sculptor’s notebook, part autobiography, part diary of her life in London and Suffolk, it is filled with disarming delights’, Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 5 May 2015.

‘In the excellent catalogue that accompanies the show, Sarah writes that she never works “to a plan. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. If I had a plan I’d most probably spend my days avoiding it.”  Reading further in a section of the book titled “MUM,” Sarah describes, beautifully, some women she knew growing up—including a mum who cleaned toilets in a public lavatory’, Hilton Als, The New Yorker, 26 August 2015.

‘I Scream Daddio is beautiful, touching, erotic, authentic and funny. More so I enjoyed reading the accompanied text which for once, wasn’t filled by an overly ambitious curator’s conceptual writing but like a diary – by the artist herself’Michal Cole,, 17 May 2015.

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NOB front+back

A five-part book in texts and images, offering a rare insight into the process of making behind Sarah Lucas’s sculptural works:

[1] molding a nobby prize marrow – a ‘Stanway John’
[2] molding an actual nob – a penis, hard-core with plenty of Vaseline, and resulting plaster-cast Penetralia
[3] a nob-negative dug into the ground – and resulting concrete-cast Penetralius
[4] hands-on forming the original clay Oboddaddy – human-sized nob
[5] concrete men’s fetish boots [no nob] – with a pair of fried eggs

156 pages | 72 B&W photographs | Fold-out front & back card-cover | Flexible OTA-binding | 223 x 168mm | ISBN 978-3-902592-76-7 | €21 | £18
Companion publication to the exhibition: noB, Sarah Lucas + Gelatin, Secession, Vienna, Austria. 23 Nov 2013 – 19 Jan 2014

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‘LUV IT!  Nob-A-Day!  Excellent tome!’, Gregor Muir, Executive Director of the ICA.

‘noB, enjoyed it thoroughly.  Pictures, design and layout are the bollocks.  I’ve got a Tittipussidad as well, also the nuts’, Mat Collishaw.



TITTIPUSSIDAD coverORDER  / BUY NOW from Sadie Coles HQ [UK/worldwide] | D.A.P. [U.S.] | KARMA [New York] | kurimanzutto [Mexico] | CFA [Germany] | KOENIG [worldwide] | AMAZON

TITTIPUSSIDAD | Sarah Lucas in Mexico – a book by Julian Simmons | Edition 1200 copies | ISBN 978-0-9926556-0-0 | £120

Hardback | 648 pages | 705 photographs | 41,000 words | Sewn-section cold-glue binding | Edge-coloured | 340 x 253 x 58mm

Sculptures Sarah Lucas 2012, made in Oaxaca 27 March – 12 April 2012, “It’s the bible this fucking book!”, Sarah Lucas. An exhibition at Anahuacalli Museo Diego Rivera 20 April – 8 July 2012, Mexico City, Dir. Hilda Trujillo Soto, in collaboration with José Kuri, kurimanzutto, Mexico City; “This is a historic object”, José Kuri.

‘For Anahuacalli in Mexico City I wanted to make the sculptures in Mexico. Knowing that Nuds will tap into the forces that surround them, the enchantment of the place, and its spirits. I chose Oaxaca for the making process. Or perhaps it chose me.
Even the most ordinary materials are subject to variation country to country. One can either get het up about that or go with the flow. The flow is where the life is, and the surprising things. On the street, in bars, in the marketplace. Tracking down stuff is a good way to get to know a town. The one thing leads to another.
Everything you need is around you somewhere, always. Of course you have to make a start.
Start by not thinking it’s elsewhere’, Sarah Lucas.

“I didn’t run into any problems, it just sort of went – it had the wind behind it, or a volcano.
We made a book from our experience, a storybook with pictures about the time we spent there. It’s not like a catalogue or anything – it is an artwork in itself. Julian, my partner, took all the pictures and he made the book. It’s the story of our time there, the whole story. Is it life-altering? I guess everything is, in a way. It was an exercise in conviction. I got to know these people – Diego Riviera, Alejandro Jodorowsky – I got so clear with them by being there, as well as some of the old Gods. It was a brilliant trip, how do you do that again? I don’t know. But things as good as that? Yes please!”, Sarah Lucas [interview with AnOther Magazine].

‘I am writing to tell you that TITTIPUSSIDAD is from now on, one of my favourite books ever! It is so intimate and delicate in many ways, almost like a film. Very inspiring and moving’, Monica Manzutto, kurimanzutto gallery, Mexico DF.

‘One of the most impressive and memorable books I’ve seen, in a very long time. Very magical indeed, considering it documents less than 1 month of work in so many pages and remains compelling throughout. Congratulations’, managing editor 032c.

‘It’s the good book! A work of art in its own right’, Jonathan Caplan Architects, New York.

“You’re my competition”, Mario Testino, photographer.

‘I am totally blown over by your new book: ‘Tittipussidad’. It is so cohesive, beautifully designed and printed, one of the best Artist Books I have seen in a while. Deeply in awe! Respect!’, Sylvie Liska, Secession, Vienna.

“It’s a weapon!”, Renata Salecl, philosopher, sociologist & legal theorist.

‘This is how art-books should be!’, Brian Henderson, architect of Sizewell B nuclear power station.


‘TITTIPUSSIDAD is this Season’s Mother Lode of Art Books, 032c, read the full review in 032c issue #26 Summer 2014.

‘Sarah Lucas on her life-altering time in Mexico among the Old Gods and the spirits of Jodorowsky and Rivera’, full review in AnOther Magazine.

‘Top Ten Art Tome’, Dazed Digital.

UK & WORLDWIDE : available direct from the publisher Sadie Coles HQ [collection locations],  mail-order  +44 (0)20 7493 8611



Penetralia EROSLimited artist edition of 20 [printed individually by myself upon request], large format, 154 printed sides on 106 sheets, Japanese side-stitch bound.

212 Pages | 229 Photographs | 45.5 x 32 x 3cm | Oyster white 160gsm virgin wood-fibre paper ISO9706 permanence | Cloth Hardback | Privately Published | POA Sadie Coles HQ

Sculptures : Sarah Lucas

Photographs & Text : Julian Simmons

Concept, Layout & Printing : Julian Simmons

Each sheet of paper hand-cut to size before printing. Printed with a surface-bonded iron-oxide pigment exhibiting maximum density and light-stability. Custom programmed diffuse stochastic half-tone.

A gallery-copy may be viewed by arrangement, please contact Sadie Coles HQ.



“It’s like a forensic manual on diseases of the penis! ..and that black, the black! THE BLACK!!”, Damien Hirst.

‘Penetralia is an eccentric and also melancholy publication that lies in one’s hands both lightly and heavily, it is a book between medieval love poetry, neo-Pre-Raphaelite enthusiasm and Arts & Crafts cult, fitted out with dark imagery, framed by absurd artist portraits and produced with totally captivating printing techniques’, Spike Art Quarterly.

Documenting 14 sculptures
Ax | Whand | Druid Whand | Skull Whand | Imp | King | Martyr | Satyr | Owl | Imp | Swan | Dayo | Eros | Luvah