TRIBAL RITUAL 5000 | FunQroc – Sarah Lucas invites Rohan Wealleans | Berlin



Sarah Lucas invites Rohan Wealleans to FunQroc

Contemporary Fine Arts, Charlottenburg, Berlin

A film by Julian Simmons

PART 1 : 16 April, performance ROHAN WEALLEANS : TRIBAL RITUAL 5000
PART 2 : from 4:55 minutes, 15 April, ROHAN installs; PHIL DIRTBOX later that night in the Greek place TERZO MONDO; a message from BRUNO BRUNNET


BUNNY ACTION PAINTING | FunQroc – Sarah Lucas | Berlin


FunQroc – Sarah Lucas

Easter Sunday 16 April 2017
Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin Charlottenburg

Director / Camera / Editor : Julian Simmons
Additional phone footage : Bruno Brunnet, Nicole Hackert, Sadie Coles, Alexandria Pembleton

EJACULATION for gentle men, in order of appearance : Oleg Eliseev, Jenya Kukoverov, Vicco Brunnet, Dominic Meek, Florian Reither, Mundi Vondi, Richard Rhys, Vicco Brunnet, Kolbeinn Huge




The curious case of ice-trapped tadpoles. Having followed a mountain stream to it’s source – a tarn under Bowscale Fell, the final exploration offered itself to be the steep scree-ridden crags rising above. With a blood-racing heart, thudding neck and pulsing arms, I came across this unexpected and extraordinary sight – ice-trapped tadpoles! The exceptionally slippery and unstable slope provided little to maintain a foothold, but with fading light and in no wish to delay, I began filming. Numbing fingers and the approaching twilight limited how much footage I could capture – just enough as it turned out – there was more than enough tadpoles in the can.

A short film by Julian Simmons, 2016.

Location : 2000ft, north-facing crags above a small tarn in the Blencathra range, Cumbria, UK.
Film : 8 minutes | shot in 4K delivered in FHD | 25fps European broadcast.
Music : NUMBERSTREAM | Julian Simmons | Pure Data string modeling.



“Thanks for your spermal film, strange how they still seem to be running down the falls, constant in memory. DOING.”,  Gary Hume.



SARAH LUCAS – I SCREAM DADDIO | Film – British Pavilion Venice


Sarah Lucas talks to friend and artist Don Brown about her new works, installed in the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015; with subjects ranging between toilets as a human portrait, palpable casting techniques, toplessness – top-off and top-on, a bum or a vagina is a face, the subliminal use of eggs – including the dessert floating-islands, nude sculptures are close friends; and she has a few slices of SPAM with a glass of Aspall Premier-Cru cider.

Filmed at the British Pavilion, Giardini Di Castello, Venice, April 2015.
Director / Camera / Editor : Julian Simmons
Sound : Julian Simmons [in case you hadn’t noticed the microphone is clipped to Sarah’s left nipple, if a microphone (i.e. basically a nob) is required, why hide it?]
Commissioned by : the Visual Arts Department, British Council
Produced by : Julian Simmons 2015
56th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale Di Venezia, 9 May – 22 November 2015




“Wet sacks, misfit carrots, mis-shaped potatoes, crafty otters, bastard magpies, and yellowhammer chicks shouting for grub…”

“I might go and grab an oil drum…”

Blustering wind and railing sun, the flatlands, a spring day, 23 April 2014. Carting-in 480 bundles of water-reed on the Norfolk Broads – one of the mad and beautiful preliminary stages of the thatching process.

A film by :
Julian Simmons – camera / editing / incidental music.

Featuring :
Wally Mason – traditional Norfolk reed cutter.
Dominic Meek – thatcher and chairman of the East Anglia Master Thatchers Association.


NUZ | Jet Lag


Set yourself up with a glass, or a tube, of your joy, press play – enter full-screen, and do the whole trip!  Yep, it’ll explode… …effulgently.

I built the Pure-Data instruments there and then, on New Zealand’s south island, corresponding to the overriding sounds: undulating whistle-birds, and from first light until last, the hissing of cicadas [3:00].

‘The rumbles and tweetie/noises made me think of David Lynch’s Eraserhead!’  Rob Gold, Music for Films.

‘Wonderfully beautiful. I would like to see and hear it just before I pass away.’

‘I did the full show, brilliant! apocalyptic ending!’

From the long gravel roads that vein out to the sea-periphery of New Zealand, to here at the head of a precariously steep, bushy, merino-sheep track, half-way up a mountain, a corrugated-iron shack – ‘Tin Boy’ – home/studio for the next few weeks.  The hired car packed with toilets and concrete blocks, scraping up, disturbed an eagle – one of the merino’s it’s victim – eating it’s eye out while the sheep lay alive but exhausted from intense heat [6.28 – 6:58].  Apparently it wasn’t uncommon to find one-eyed sheep – the intact eye saved by the sheep laying on it’s side. There were merinos in various stages of decomposition, littered around the shack.  It had a biblical air about it.

A paradise of sorts, though not a land of vast diversity, actually only a handful of bird species, one or two raptors, and that was it. Everything had just arrived – including us …the air over-brilliant with sparseness …everything familiar but the parameters twisted

…the data of creation was another way.

For a detailed description of the Pure-Data instruments check NUMBERSTREAM AUDIO




A month in Mexico with British artist Sarah Lucas | contains nudity – actual and suggestive
Feature, 71:30 | Trailer, 1:11

Camera / Editor / Colour / Music / Producer : Julian Simmons

SCREENINGS – FORTHCOMING : [ full details will be announced here + Twitter ]

BERLIN | 13 June – 31 July 2014 | CONTEMPORARY FINE ARTS GALERIE GMBH, Am Kupfergraben 10, 10117 Berlin Mitte
NEW YORK | 5 – 29 March 2014 | KARMA, 39 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012
LONDON | 15 – 20 October 2013 | Sadie Coles HQ, 62 Kingly Street, London

“SUPER GRRRREEAAATTTTT TIT TEDDY.  Love the look of it, and sound of it!  Always good to shake a stick at ‘limitations’!”, Gregor Muir, Executive Director of the ICA.

“So sexy – the fleshy close-ups at that party, the cigarettes and glue, the brick-making guys massaging wet mud with their hands, and that guy working a pestle and mortar – so sensual!!”

“For anyone who doesn’t know you Sarah, this is really what you’re like! …and some of that footage – it looked like a painting, so vibrant”, Michael Clark, CBE.

‘I watched Realidad earlier this week and loved it. I really dig all the subtle audio and video manipulations throughout, and those guys making the bricks by hand was amazing’, Sam Dunn, British Film Institute.

“Tit-Teddy is essential – he makes you feel so good, after this everyone will want Tit-Teddy!”, Sarah Lucas.

“If this is art, what was happening before?”

“…Nobody knows.  Forget that”

“Forget before.  Exercise”

“Getting fit.”



Two day installation of PERCEVAL, a sculpture by Sarah Lucas, 2010.  The middle of a Suffolk field, snowing in the depths of winter, ground not quite frozen enough …the truck carrying the 6-tonne bronze horse & cart becoming stuck – so the story unfolds… and apt for the Perceval legend, a prismatic ice-crystal halo around the sun – a grail in the sky!

17 minutes | SD | Stereo | Music – Bruce Gilbert / This Way

LONDON | SARAH LUCAS, SITUATION: ABSOLUTE BEACH MAN RUBBLE, Whitechapel Gallery, E1.  2 Oct – 15 Dec 2013.

Perceval still-frame1 Perceval still-frame2


Rare 9 minutes of slug sexual foreplay on a bed of Swiss Chard.  A microcosmos that brings to mind the title sequence of Douglas Trumbull’s Silent Running!

LONDON | SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, Horniman Museum, backdrop to the live harp music of Serafina Steer.  16 Jan 2014.
LONDON | SITUATION ROMANS, First floor, 4 New Burlington Place, W1.  16 Feb – 16 Mar 2013.

9 minutes | HD | Mono | filmed 4 Sept 2012 7pm, Suffolk, UK.



Limited edition DVD [65mins] + CD [65mins] double gate-fold

A talk between Sarah Lucas, Franz West and Andreas Reiter Raabe, music by Philipp Quehenberger
RA Schools Event, ‘Discussion on art, music and literature, with frequent sonic disruptions’ | Location : Royal Institution London | Date : 21 June 2010

Filming, Video Synthesis, Text Overlays : Julian Simmons
Graphics, Packaging Design : Julian Simmons
Publisher : Other Criteria
Availability : Last 40 copies [December 2017], use CONTACT menu above for email enquiries.



“In the top five talks of all time – in fact it’s number one”, Gregor Muir, Executive Director of the ICA.

“Tonight’s ‘talk’ took the anticipated format and threw it back into the crowd. Much to the delight of many, but much to the disgust of others – two of whom were women in scarves and pearls told me in the Ladies’ afterwards that they considered the evening an “insult to their intellect”. The evening reached a climax of mixed pleasure, frustration and confusion when Lucas walked out saying “I’m going for a wee” which resulted in many people leaving. West shrugged and said to the audience “money back again”,  SLASHSTROKE magazine.

“I was for a time with a friend in the woods …it was much too greenish”, Franz West.

“I’m sorry but we can’t hear what you are saying, the music is too loud”Francesco the Italian,
“…you came here for instruction…? …you said it! …I thought you just wanted to see us have a talk, …to really talk, and listen to some music!”, Sarah Lucas.

“It’s not education, it’s loading”, Franz West.

“Energy dairies”, Franz West.
“…you mean like cows??”, Sarah Lucas.

“Do some great packaging and you’ll sell shit loads”, Damien Hirst.

ENERGY DAIRIES Franz West - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons 20 ENERGY DAIRIES Franz West - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons 21
ENERGY DAIRIES Franz West - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons 19 ENERGY DAIRIES Franz West - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons 9
ENERGY DAIRIES Franz West - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons 18 ENERGY DAIRIES Franz West - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons 17

Disc One: DVD-Video — Psychedelic Version LPCM MONO/65 mins   |   Disc Two: CD-Audio — Reversed Audio-Strip Stereo/65 mins


LONDON | OTHER CRITERIA, 14 Hinde Street, London W1.  7 May – 30 June 2015.
LONDON | SARAH LUCAS, SITUATION: ABSOLUTE BEACH MAN RUBBLE, Whitechapel Gallery, E1.  2 Oct – 15 Dec 2013.
AUSTRIA | FRANZ WEST ‘WHERE IS MY EIGHT?’, MUMOK, Vienna.  23 Feb – 26 May 2013.
LONDON | SITUATION FRANZ WEST, Situation / Sarah Lucas, First Floor, 4 New Burlington Place, W1.  10 October – 28 November 2012.
LONDON | ICA, commemorating the life and work of Franz West who passed away in July.  Screening details, 23 August 2012.
NEW ZEALAND | Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 30 The Octagon, Dunedin. 18 Sep, 1 Oct 2011.
AUSTRIA | LUCAS BOSCH GELATIN, Kunsthalle Krems.  July – November 2011.