TOWER – NUMBERSTREAM0 – digital download

Listen to the album + download > TOWER

Classical guitar + Tin whistle into Pure-Data >

PD NUMBERSTREAM programming > mathematic synthetic-sound generation & real-time microphone signal-processing.

Recorded in a c.1800 military tower 10 metres from the North Sea.  7 tracks, 63 minutes.

NUMBERSTREAM THE SLIDER | BBC Radio 3 Private Passions

Private Passions - NUMBERSTREAM THE SLIDER - Julian Simmons

“It’s like finding yourself outside at night…  in front of the heavens…  and the whole of reality drops away”,
Sarah Lucas describing ‘THE SLIDER’.



THE SLIDER is one of ten pieces of music chosen by Sarah Lucas for BBC Radio 3’s programme Private Passions, broadcast 5 February 2017.



“You remind me of Julian Bream, though less demonic!”, Sarah Lucas in conversation with Michael Berkeley.



Read more : THE SLIDER


BBC Radio 3 page :  Private Passions [shortened broadcast]

Art-Athina 2016 | 26-29 May | Κλειστό Π. Φαλήρου (TaeKwonDo)

Stand B2

Paul Stolper Gallery is proud to present works by Damien Hirst, Don Brown, Julian Simmons*, Mit Senoj, Peter Blake and Pablo Genovés

*HOOLIAN sculpture by Sarah Lucas, photographed and printed by Julian Simmons, limited edition of 6

*SQUAB SQUAW, portrait of Sarah Lucas with pigeon by Julian Simmons, special order print

Faliro Pavilion – Tae Kwon Do Hall, Poseidonos Avenue
Palaio Faliro, 17564 Athens, Greece

Visitor Information

For artwork enquiries, please contact [email protected]

NUMBERSTREAMEGGY | Quad Concert | Albergo Diurno Venezia – Milan


Date : Saturday 9 April 2016, from 8pm [several 15 minute movements each with a short interval]
Location : the subterranean ‘Metropolitan Daytime Hotel’ – Albergo Diurno Venezia – piazza Oberdan, Milano, Italy
Admission : free, booking required; bookings available from 29 March 2016

NUMBERSTREAM live string physical-modelling + splicing hand-drawn wavetables :
instruments constructed from mathematically generated sounds built by Simmons’s within Pure Data

“Simmons’s rarely performs public concerts. When he does they’re in quad …an insistence it seems – sound described sculpturally in the round.
I suspect there’s a subversive manifesto here: we’ve become over-familiar with orchestras, bands and solo performers being the centre of attention – up front; move closer, retreat or turn your back to them – and their sound.
Here within the quad NUMBERSTREAM, you – the listener, are at the centre, there’s no getting away from that – getting away from yourself!
…and not just being an inescapable focus of the sound-field, but in an abstract dimension the centre of a psycho-somatic and dare I say it a psychedelic, visual structure: Simmons’s NUMBERSTREAM works on you, creating perceptions, as if with rapid-prototyping lasers that accrete intricate solid objects floating within other objects, in a room of liquid resin.”

#impressive #sound at #Albergo Diurno during @miartMilano‘, GRANPALAZZO ‎@granpalazzo.

Supported by the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi and coinciding with MIART art fair, part of a 3-day Sarah Lucas situation – INNAMEMORABILIAMUMBUM

Details and Booking


POWER IN WOMAN – SARAH LUCAS | Sir John Soane’s Museum

Sarah Lucas sculptures now showing at Sir John Soane’s Museum London, 10 March – 21 May 2016

8 postcard print set and z-fold leaflet photographs & design by Julian Simmons, get yours at Sir John Soane’s Museum


MICHELE by Sarah Lucas, in front of J.M.W. Turner’s swashbuckling painting ‘VAN TROMP’S BARGE ENTERING THE TEXEL’
& above that Sir John Soane’s ‘DESIGN FOR A MONUMENT TO H.R.H. THE DUKE OF YORK’



Sarah Lucas - Venice - I SCREAM DADDIO film still12To celebrate Sarah Lucas’s 6 month exhibition in the Venice Biennale, I’ve just re-published the I SCREAM DADDIO film of Sarah talking about her new works now in 1080 FullHD (you may have seen it via the British Council on YouTube in 720 HD).

So watch it now in vivid detail and with high-quality encoding on Vimeo…


be sure to hit the full-screen button – lower-right of the player.

Clips are featured on BBC2’s 12/2/2016 edition of Artsnight [ripped low-res from youtube]; go to Vimeo for the FHD original  ‘I SCREAM DADDIO’.

In 2016 I will be presenting a new 90+ minute 4K/UHD film on the run-up to this Venice exhibition – the making of the sculptures and other classic eggy capers. As part of miart 2016, previously unseen extracts were screened via two projectors in the Albergo Diurno Venezia, Milan, 8 – 10 April 2016.

To be premiered in London, stay tuned for venue details.

BLACK MILK | Book Signing | 12 Dec 12-2pm

BLACK MILK : atlas & catalogue of 11 Orbicular Drawings, published to coincide with the exhibition NOW JULIAN SIMMONS

I will be signing books in the exhibition

12 December 2015, 12 – 2pm

Lychee One, 38-50 Pritchards Rd, London E2 (brightly coloured warehouse, bell : LYCHEE ONE)

…see you there!

BLACK MILK cover - Julian Simmons 2015

30.6 x 23.7 cm | £20
55 photographs, 5 diagrams | 12,000 words | 72 pages – Fedrigoni paper | Ultra-dark ‘graphite’ ink | Softback – Fedrigoni grey card
Privately published 2015 | 1st edition – limited copies | Artworks, photographs, text : Julian Simmons

Publication : BLACK MILK

Exhibition until 22 December : NOW JULIAN SIMMONS

Gallery : Lychee One, 38-50 Pritchards Rd, London E2.  Tues-Sat 12-6pm.  Bell: Lychee One.

NOW JULIAN SIMMONS | Top-Ten London Contemporary Art Show

MILKY2 MAGNIFICATION - NOW Julian Simmons - Lychee OnePaul Carey-Kent’s – CHOICES UP NOW – top-ten London contemporary art show :

‘Julian Simmons is best known for the films and photographs he has produced with – and of the work of – his partner, Sarah Lucas.

Here he asserts himself through eleven intensely detailed meditative graphite drawings of concentric circles (if that doesn’t sound terribly assertive, consider that the biggest has a diameter of ten feet).

Their resounding lineations conjure enlightenment, itinerant shadows and – given that they resemble eyes and breasts by duck-rabbit turns – a little bawdy comedy.

The tone carries through into a handsome book, in which Simmons’ musings resonate with his milking of the mystical and he does a remarkable job of photographing pancake-flat drawings to make them look three dimensionally and celestially spatial.’

Lychee One, 38-50 Pritchard’s Road, London E2

Tues – Sat, 12 – 6pm, 25 November – 22 December 2015.

Exhibition Details : 11 ORBICULAR DRAWINGS



Julian Simmons at Cafe OTO 6Nov2015



As part of Russell Haswell’s three-day residency at Cafe OTO [5-7 Nov], I shall be performing solo on day-two : Friday 6th November 2015.

No samples, whether of acoustic instruments, synthesised pre-generated sounds or field recordings; all sounds – plucked and densely bowed strings, even what you’ll hear as the sea, are generated live on the spot – mathematically.

“A strange aerial zone was occupied and animated – I’ve never experienced sound to enter and affect me like that before.”

“When you played last night I closed my eyes and just let the sounds take over in the dark; it felt like your music went into my brain and created new synapses – how mad is that!”

Details of the event, visit :

CAFE OTO, 18–22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL. UK  [NB tickets are often sold out on the night of a gig, space is limited, buying tickets in advance is recommended]




“We need a bigger table!!”,  “Chill out man, there’s enough room”


ENERGY DAIRIES | Other Criteria London

Energy DairiesEnergy Dairies OTHER CRITERIA London showing at OTHER CRITERIA, 14 Hinde Street, London W1U.

65 minutes, playing continuously.

7 May – 30 June 2015.

A talk between Sarah Lucas, Franz West and Andreas Reiter Raabe, music by Philipp Quehenberger.
Filming and psychedelic processing by Julian Simmons.

“In the top five talks of all time – in fact it’s number one”, Gregor Muir.

“Do some great packaging and you’ll sell shit loads”, Damien Hirst.

Energy Dairies is available mail order.


NUMBERSTREAM at LUMEN FESTIVAL 2015 | Staten Island New York

Lumen Festival Staten Island 2015NUMBERSTREAM tunnel audio diffusion at the LUMEN festival | Saturday 20 June 2015 | 7 pm – midnight

Venue : Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, 1000 Richmond TerraceStaten Island, NY 10301 United States.

Staten Island Arts is proud to present the 6th Annual International LUMEN Festival. The June 20, 2015 event will take place at the historic Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden from 7:00 PM – midnight. LUMEN Festival is an authentic contemporary art experience in New York City featuring emerging and established artists. LUMEN’s goal is connecting artists with the community all while exposed in a nomadic alternative space. This 6th annual event will bring original visual, performance and installation art to new audiences, under the artistic vision and curator, Will Corwin.

LUMEN webpage : Staten Island Arts



WALLPAPER PRINTS | canvas-backed on lightweight stretcher 2.4 x 3.3m

REALIDAD Art-BaselThe Wallpaper Series of limited edition large-scale prints are now being mounted on canvas and stretched onto lightweight aluminium frames.

Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, is first to offer these massive black & white prints mounted using this method, as an alternative to wall pasting.  The choice: the image either directly mounted flat onto your wall – for a continuous image-wall surface in your room, or onto a stretcher for the option to rehang the work in alternative spaces.

Showing at ART BASEL, Switzerland.  18–21 June, 2015.  Contemporary Fine Arts stand.  Print availability / Order enquiries, contact CFA.


I SCREAM DADDIO | publication + film | SARAH LUCAS Venice Biennale 2015

The book: documenting Sarah Lucas in the making and installation of the exhibition I SCREAM DADDIO at the British Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2015.  Photography, design & layout, Julian Simmons.

PUBLICATION now available, see more : I SCREAM DADDIO


The film: Sarah Lucas talking about her latest works and having a SPAM picnic, in and around the British Pavilion, Giardini, Venice.  Camera and editing, Julian Simmons.

FILM, British Pavilion, Venice : Sarah Lucas talking to Don Brown

Sarah Lucas - I SCREAM DADDIO p 10-11 Sarah Lucas - I SCREAM DADDIO p130-131

FINANCIAL TIMES | Weekend Magazine Q&A | Getting Plastered


‘Hi James, two of the images are of Sarah doing the plastering, the other two are of Sarah getting plastered! …not suggesting final titles but ‘Getting Plastered’ would be a rather nice inclusion. Very best, Julian!’



‘The artist Julian Simmons, talks about photographing Sarah Lucas as she works on a new piece for the Venice Biennale, casting 10 human figures – including herself’, Financial Times, 25 April 2015, FT Weekend Magazine; pages 22-23 & 24-25 centrefold.

Photographs from the book I SCREAM DADDIO.



Questions for Julian Simmons from Liz Jobey at the FT.
Liz edited my slightly unpredictable answers into a more lucid read, but here are the unedited Q&A’s!…


THE ART NEWSPAPER | this week’s must see shows

Hoolian OAXACA NUD Julian Simmons 2015Until 7 February 2015: Julian Simmons at Paul Stolper, 31 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH.

‘Sarah Lucas describes her partner and frequent collaborator Julian Simmons as “a Star-man with a pair of binoculars”, but this show also confirms that he is a highly skilled print-maker and significant artist in his own right.

For while the evident subject of these arresting and exquisitely produced prints is a series of Lucas’s soft, fleshy “Nud” sculptures made for a 2012 exhibition at the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli in Mexico City, they also go way beyond mere depiction to take on an independent existence as autonomous works of art.

Like all good portraits, they animate and bring new insight to their sitters; and so powerful is their physical presence that you can’t help wondering what they all get up to once the gallery is shut up for the night.’   Louisa Buck, THE ART NEWSPAPER: The Buck stopped here—this week’s must see shows.


the HOOLIAN series | press release

Hoolian Paul Stolper 2015

Exhibition: 16 January – 7 February 2015, Paul Stolper, 31 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH.

15 prints each in an edition of 6, signed and numbered on verso. Sheet size: 112.5 x 76.5 cm. Giclee inkjet, archival full-strength carbon-black pigment on Velin BFK Rives, traditional fine-art printmaking paper, mould-made, uncoated, buffered, no optical brighteners, 100% cotton rag, 280gsm. Photographs and printing by Julian Simmons.

“The thing about Julian is that he sees things in greater detail than anyone else I know.  Good for us that he’s also on a mission to show us how he does see it.  How to see.  For me especially, as we’re working so closely together.  These pictures are from our project in Mexico, TITTIPUSSIDAD.
  The muse of HOOLIAN is Julian.  He’s a Star-man with a pair of binoculars.”  
- Sarah Lucas

Paul Stolper is proud to present the HOOLIAN series of prints by Julian Simmons, each in an edition of 6, together with a large wallpaper piece.  All of the prints are illustrated in TITTIPUSSIDAD, the book designed by Simmons which documents his and Lucas’ seminal trip to Mexico in 2012, and which culminated in her exhibition at the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli.

Beautiful in their own right, Simmons’ prints are also rich ‘portraits’ of Lucas’ sculptures, charting their genesis to the finished work, and as such act as the photographic counterpoint to Lucas’ practice.  Following in the tradition of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith, the prints inform the sculpture as much as the sculptures inform the prints.

For artwork enquiries and to RSVP to the private view, please contact [email protected]

Check the gallery install photos…

TITTIPUSSIDAD | Art Basel – Miami Beach

LUPE 2014 Julian Simmons4 – 7 December 2014, Miami Beach. Paul Stolper Gallery, Stand B22.

Four TITTIPUSSIDAD prints on Velin BFK Rives, a traditional fine-art printmaking paper, mould-made, 100% cotton rag, 280gsm. Giclee inkjet, archival full-strength carbon-black pigment.

Sheet size: 112.5 x 76.5 cm.

Photographs & printing by Julian Simmons. Edition of 6, signed and numbered on verso.