PINHOLE CAMERA | 6×12 Medium Format

pinhole-camera-julian-simmons-1 pinhole-camera-julian-simmons-2

Unique custom-made 6 x 12cm medium-format pinhole camera.

Film path : curved for constant focal-length from pinhole and greater angle of view [a flat film path produces an increase in focal-length towards frame sides and illumination vignetting].

Pinhole : size optimised for balance between sharpness and diffraction [smaller pinholes are less sharp due to higher proportion of diffracted light to light passing straight through].

Materials : varnished plywood; aluminium pinhole reduced to micron thickness; zinc viewfinder / frame-advance gate; brass screws / hinges; chrome-plated catches / strap lugs; aluminium knob and shaft bearing for film winding; self-adhesive black felt; matt-black paint; Letraset.

Frame size [120 medium-format roll-film] : 6 x 12cm panoramic [6 shots per film]

Horizontal FOV : 91 degrees [FF/35mm lens camera equiv. : 18mm]

Exposure [400 ISO film] : meter at f64, multiply shutter speed by 60; e.g. 1/2 sec = 1/2 minute.