NOB front+back

A five-part book in texts and images, offering a rare insight into the process of making behind Sarah Lucas’s sculptural works:

[1] molding a nobby prize marrow – a ‘Stanway John’
[2] molding an actual nob – a penis, hard-core with plenty of Vaseline, and resulting plaster-cast Penetralia
[3] a nob-negative dug into the ground – and resulting concrete-cast Penetralius
[4] hands-on forming the original clay Oboddaddy – human-sized nob
[5] concrete men’s fetish boots [no nob] – with a pair of fried eggs

156 pages | 72 B&W photographs | Fold-out front & back card-cover | Flexible OTA-binding | 223 x 168mm | ISBN 978-3-902592-76-7 | €21 | £18
Companion publication to the exhibition: noB, Sarah Lucas + Gelatin, Secession, Vienna, Austria. 23 Nov 2013 – 19 Jan 2014

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‘LUV IT!  Nob-A-Day!  Excellent tome!’, Gregor Muir, Executive Director of the ICA.

‘noB, enjoyed it thoroughly.  Pictures, design and layout are the bollocks.  I’ve got a Tittipussidad as well, also the nuts’, Mat Collishaw.

Concept | Design | Layout
Julian Simmons

Texts, English & German
Sarah Lucas | Jeanette Pacher | Julian Simmons | András Pálffy

‘Five Lists’
Sarah Lucas 1990

Julian Simmons 2008-2013

NOB Sarah Lucas1NOB Sarah Lucas2

The beauty here is the opportunity of a one-piece cast. A rare thing – no joins, as would a two or three piece mould. Possibly the only object that can provide a seamless mould is a nob, for it has the ability to change size – to reduce in size.
A nob-mould made of more than one piece would be a blasphemy.
So there we were, when the oil ran out, on the kitchen table – which was a gate-leg drop-leaf table, small and round – slight oval, my nob slapped out onto it, a bowl of warm water, a roll of plaster bandage and the Vaseline.
This is how sculptures get made.

NOB Sarah Lucas8NOB Sarah Lucas9

NOB Sarah Lucas6NOB Sarah Lucas5

Five Lists, Sarah Lucas 1990. Fold-out rear flap:

NOB Sarah Lucas Five-Lists open

NOB table-arseholeNOB table

In a book that baldly presents swear-slang as black & white photographs and black & white phrases, omitting page-numbers was essential.

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