NUZ | Jet Lag


Set yourself up with a glass, or a tube, of your joy, press play – enter full-screen, and do the whole trip!  Yep, it’ll explode… …effulgently.

I built the Pure-Data instruments there and then, on New Zealand’s south island, corresponding to the overriding sounds: undulating whistle-birds, and from first light until last, the hissing of cicadas [3:00].

‘The rumbles and tweetie/noises made me think of David Lynch’s Eraserhead!’  Rob Gold, Music for Films.

‘Wonderfully beautiful. I would like to see and hear it just before I pass away.’

‘I did the full show, brilliant! apocalyptic ending!’

From the long gravel roads that vein out to the sea-periphery of New Zealand, to here at the head of a precariously steep, bushy, merino-sheep track, half-way up a mountain, a corrugated-iron shack – ‘Tin Boy’ – home/studio for the next few weeks.  The hired car packed with toilets and concrete blocks, scraping up, disturbed an eagle – one of the merino’s it’s victim – eating it’s eye out while the sheep lay alive but exhausted from intense heat [6.28 – 6:58].  Apparently it wasn’t uncommon to find one-eyed sheep – the intact eye saved by the sheep laying on it’s side. There were merinos in various stages of decomposition, littered around the shack.  It had a biblical air about it.

A paradise of sorts, though not a land of vast diversity, actually only a handful of bird species, one or two raptors, and that was it. Everything had just arrived – including us …the air over-brilliant with sparseness …everything familiar but the parameters twisted

…the data of creation was another way.

For a detailed description of the Pure-Data instruments check NUMBERSTREAM AUDIO


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