Rare 9 minutes of slug sexual foreplay on a bed of Swiss Chard.  A microcosmos that brings to mind the title sequence of Douglas Trumbull’s Silent Running!

LONDON | SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, Horniman Museum, backdrop to the live harp music of Serafina Steer.  16 Jan 2014.
LONDON | SITUATION ROMANS, First floor, 4 New Burlington Place, W1.  16 Feb – 16 Mar 2013.

9 minutes | HD | Mono | filmed 4 Sept 2012 7pm, Suffolk, UK.

‘The rapist breathing gives an extra dimension’, Tom T.

[Apart from the bird calls and incessant crickets, the heavy breathing wasn’t intentional ..a consequence of dashing in and back to grab a camera > extended description youtube /show more].

‘What a struggle and they keep missing..  Once saw two huge slugs on a bungee of their own snot-slime coiled and dangling in mid-air for hours one autumn night from an apple tree.. gone in the morning a puddle of silvery goo on the grass beneath.. You were lucky to capture that.  Love the heavy breathing’, Adrian Searle.

‘I noticed that there are a lot of slug-sex films around to go by the titles that appear on the side of your one.  How strange that people would want to collect slug-films.  Do you think someone is at home and thinks: hmm, let’s see whether the slugs are having a go at it.  I do not have much of an imagination in that direction, but I remember that Matthew Barney when he wanted something a bit out of the ordinary for his film, like once people with a very narrow waist, he found numerous clubs on the internet of just that.  I suppose same thing with slugs’, Helen M-T.

Although this species as far as I’m aware does not employ a love dart, the variation in penis tip shape from recoiled broad heel to forward-thrusting sharp point, suggests the penis is able to penetrate the slug body, and if not sperm able to impart similar hormones as thought by a love dart.  The following still-frame sequence lasted 10 seconds [4:27 – 4:37], the upper slug appearing physically attached to the lower..




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14 Image Installation view05 Image Installation view