POWER IN WOMAN – SARAH LUCAS | Sir John Soane’s Museum

Sarah Lucas sculptures now showing at Sir John Soane’s Museum London, 10 March – 21 May 2016

8 postcard print set and z-fold leaflet photographs & design by Julian Simmons, get yours at Sir John Soane’s Museum


MICHELE by Sarah Lucas, in front of J.M.W. Turner’s swashbuckling painting ‘VAN TROMP’S BARGE ENTERING THE TEXEL’
& above that Sir John Soane’s ‘DESIGN FOR A MONUMENT TO H.R.H. THE DUKE OF YORK’


POWER IN WOMAN – SARAH LUCAS | 10,000 leaflets

10 page z-fold concertina, available 10 March – 21 May 2016 : Sarah Lucas, POWER IN WOMAN, Sir John Soane’s Museum London.

Sculptures : Sarah Lucas  |  Text 2,000 words : Sarah Lucas
Photography, Design, Layout : Julian Simmons
Size overall : 21 x 62cm  |  Size folded : 21 x 12.4cm  |  150gsm Olin uncoated  |  Yellow spot-colour : Pantone 108U
Publisher : Sir John Soane’s Museum  |  Printer : The Five Castles Press



Sarah Lucas - Venice - I SCREAM DADDIO film still12To celebrate Sarah Lucas’s 6 month exhibition in the Venice Biennale, I’ve just re-published the I SCREAM DADDIO film of Sarah talking about her new works now in 1080 FullHD (you may have seen it via the British Council on YouTube in 720 HD).

So watch it now in vivid detail and with high-quality encoding on Vimeo…


be sure to hit the full-screen button – lower-right of the player.

Clips are featured on BBC2’s 12/2/2016 edition of Artsnight [ripped low-res from youtube]; go to Vimeo for the FHD original  ‘I SCREAM DADDIO’.

In 2016 I will be presenting a new 90+ minute 4K/UHD film on the run-up to this Venice exhibition – the making of the sculptures and other classic eggy capers. As part of miart 2016, previously unseen extracts were screened via two projectors in the Albergo Diurno Venezia, Milan, 8 – 10 April 2016.

To be premiered in London, stay tuned for venue details.

I SCREAM DADDIO | publication + film | SARAH LUCAS Venice Biennale 2015

The book: documenting Sarah Lucas in the making and installation of the exhibition I SCREAM DADDIO at the British Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2015.  Photography, design & layout, Julian Simmons.

PUBLICATION now available, see more : I SCREAM DADDIO


The film: Sarah Lucas talking about her latest works and having a SPAM picnic, in and around the British Pavilion, Giardini, Venice.  Camera and editing, Julian Simmons.

FILM, British Pavilion, Venice : Sarah Lucas talking to Don Brown

Sarah Lucas - I SCREAM DADDIO p 10-11 Sarah Lucas - I SCREAM DADDIO p130-131


I SCREAM DADDIO book cover

24 central yellow pages provide what is a precise egg or cheese sandwich! very Caffè Florian.


The exhibition of 18 sculptures, 2 photographs and an 11 x 5 spot painting, is accompanied by a 152 page publication, I SCREAM DADDIO.  Story-book and catalogue, with extensive texts by Sarah Lucas, poems by D.H.Lawrence and profusely illustrated with photographs by Julian Simmons, the book charts a period of 750 eggs – throwing / dancing / massaging / arranging into a nob and bollocks, and making new plaster sculptures in Britain – to their installation in the British Pavilion, Venice.

Concept, Design & Layout : Julian Simmons
Text, 22 chapters : Sarah Lucas  |  9 poems : D.H.Lawrence
Photographs : Julian Simmons
Publisher : The British Council  |  Printer : The Five Castles Press, Ipswich, UK

Softback OTA bound | 152 pages | 162 photographs, 80 full-colour | 20,000 words | 28 x 21.2 x 1.6cm | ISBN 978-0-86355-770-5 | £25 excl. shipping

‘The off-white plaster bodies remind Lucas of meringues in a dessert, with Fergus Henderson providing a recipe for iles flottantes in the catalogue. Lucas’s catalogue, rather than providing explanation (though it does, by devious default) continues her work by other means. Part sculptor’s notebook, part autobiography, part diary of her life in London and Suffolk, it is filled with disarming delights’, Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 5 May 2015.

‘In the excellent catalogue that accompanies the show, Sarah writes that she never works “to a plan. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. If I had a plan I’d most probably spend my days avoiding it.”  Reading further in a section of the book titled “MUM,” Sarah describes, beautifully, some women she knew growing up—including a mum who cleaned toilets in a public lavatory’, Hilton Als, The New Yorker, 26 August 2015.

‘I Scream Daddio is beautiful, touching, erotic, authentic and funny. More so I enjoyed reading the accompanied text which for once, wasn’t filled by an overly ambitious curator’s conceptual writing but like a diary – by the artist herself’Michal Cole, ArtLyst.com, 17 May 2015.

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Mail-order from Sarah Lucas’s UK gallery Sadie Coles HQ, or buy your copy in person, visit : 62 Kingly Street, London W1, or AMAZON SCHQ / Amazon.

Other sellers : UKFoyles (+ stores), Cornerhouse Publications | International : Koenig (+ stores, inc London : Charing Cross Rd, Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery) | Mexicokurimanzutto.


SARAH LUCAS – I SCREAM DADDIO | Film – British Pavilion Venice


Sarah Lucas talks to friend and artist Don Brown about her new works, installed in the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015; with subjects ranging between toilets as a human portrait, palpable casting techniques, toplessness – top-off and top-on, a bum or a vagina is a face, the subliminal use of eggs – including the dessert floating-islands, nude sculptures are close friends; and she has a few slices of SPAM with a glass of Aspall Premier-Cru cider.

Filmed at the British Pavilion, Giardini Di Castello, Venice, April 2015.
Director / Camera / Editor : Julian Simmons
Sound : Julian Simmons [in case you hadn’t noticed the microphone is clipped to Sarah’s left nipple, if a microphone (i.e. basically a nob) is required, why hide it?]
Commissioned by : the Visual Arts Department, British Council
Produced by : Julian Simmons 2015
56th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale Di Venezia, 9 May – 22 November 2015



Designed to stylishly carry the I SCREAM DADDIO exhibition catalogue, premium textile manufacturer Kvadrat sponsored SARAH LUCAS at the Venice Biennale with the production of a limited-edition, bespoke bag in their luxurious Kvadrat ‘Waterborn’ material.  This synthetic suede does not fray, it has no need to be hemmed: just cut it to shape. The design is composed of just two pieces of material, that folded for the bag, and that for the strap.

The single strap is slender, no-hem – single thickness, and supremely strong; ingeniously threaded through two openings in the flap, the strap is attached to the front of the bag ensuring the bag is kept flat and closed.  Like the strap, the flap is single thickness, no hem, no stitching.  The sides of the front and back of the bag have their cut edges exposed on the outside (the sides of the bag stitched from the outside rather than stitched inside out), with no possibility of fraying the visible clean-cut edge defines the precise look of this unique lay-flat design; technological, elegant and super-sexy.

I SCREAM DADDIO Sarah Lucas - Kvadrat bag1 I SCREAM DADDIO Sarah Lucas - Kvadrat bag2 I SCREAM DADDIO Sarah Lucas - Kvadrat bag3


I SCREAM DADDIO – SARAH LUCAS | the British Council bag

Available in Venice from the British Pavilion, Giardini Di Castello, Venice | 9 May – 22 November 2015 | €10 / Euros

The brief was to design a bag to contain the I SCREAM DADDIO exhibition catalogue – a book in a bag.  We had some fun with this: ‘a bag’ is a certain kind of woman, and well ‘a book in a bag’ has a good measure of sexual innuendo.  In fact if you purchase a book and a bag together, I believe you get a discount, like the great old British tradition of a soup and a sandwich (of which if you’ve seen it, the book is a sandwich, either cheese or egg).

The bag can be worn over the shoulder normally or diagonally across the body – courier style.  The generous strap is attached to the sides of the bag – it’s why the bag needs structured sides – which also provide more room inside and add a distinctive satchel look.  I’ve always been an advocate of the usefulness of small canvas English fishing-bags, so while we’re at it, why not a generous flap? – to keep the weather out and the bag neatly closed.

When the flap is opened, ‘I SCREAM’ is revealed!  Otherwise it’s simply the DADDIO bag.

I SCREAM DADDIO British Council bag4 I SCREAM DADDIO British Council bag3


I SCREAM DADDIO – SARAH LUCAS | 100,000 leaflets

10 page concertina : bilingual English and Italian.  Available in Venice, 9 May – 22 November 2015 from the British Pavilion, Giardini Di Castello, Venice.

I SCREAM DADDIO Sarah Lucas leaflet edge I SCREAM DADDIO Sarah Lucas leaflet stack


Plan of the British Pavilion, inc. position and titles of works.

Sculptures : Sarah Lucas
Text 750 words : Sarah Lucas
Photographs : Julian Simmons
Design, Layout : Julian Simmons
Size overall : 21 x 60cm  |  Size folded : 21  x 12cm  |  150gsm Olin uncoated  |  Yellow spot-colour : Pantone 108U
Publisher : The British Council |  Printer : The Five Castles Press


FINANCIAL TIMES | Weekend Magazine Q&A | Getting Plastered


‘Hi James, two of the images are of Sarah doing the plastering, the other two are of Sarah getting plastered! …not suggesting final titles but ‘Getting Plastered’ would be a rather nice inclusion. Very best, Julian!’



‘The artist Julian Simmons, talks about photographing Sarah Lucas as she works on a new piece for the Venice Biennale, casting 10 human figures – including herself’, Financial Times, 25 April 2015, FT Weekend Magazine; pages 22-23 & 24-25 centrefold.

Photographs from the book I SCREAM DADDIO.



Questions for Julian Simmons from Liz Jobey at the FT.
Liz edited my slightly unpredictable answers into a more lucid read, but here are the unedited Q&A’s!…