TRIBAL RITUAL 5000 | FunQroc – Sarah Lucas invites Rohan Wealleans | Berlin



Sarah Lucas invites Rohan Wealleans to FunQroc

Contemporary Fine Arts, Charlottenburg, Berlin

A film by Julian Simmons

PART 1 : 16 April, performance ROHAN WEALLEANS : TRIBAL RITUAL 5000
PART 2 : from 4:55 minutes, 15 April, ROHAN installs; PHIL DIRTBOX later that night in the Greek place TERZO MONDO; a message from BRUNO BRUNNET


BUNNY ACTION PAINTING | FunQroc – Sarah Lucas | Berlin


FunQroc – Sarah Lucas

Easter Sunday 16 April 2017
Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin Charlottenburg

Director / Camera / Editor : Julian Simmons
Additional phone footage : Bruno Brunnet, Nicole Hackert, Sadie Coles, Alexandria Pembleton

EJACULATION for gentle men, in order of appearance : Oleg Eliseev, Jenya Kukoverov, Vicco Brunnet, Dominic Meek, Florian Reither, Mundi Vondi, Richard Rhys, Vicco Brunnet, Kolbeinn Huge


NUMBERSTREAMEGGY | Quad Concert | Albergo Diurno Venezia – Milan


Date : Saturday 9 April 2016, from 8pm [several 15 minute movements each with a short interval]
Location : the subterranean ‘Metropolitan Daytime Hotel’ – Albergo Diurno Venezia – piazza Oberdan, Milano, Italy
Admission : free, booking required; bookings available from 29 March 2016

NUMBERSTREAM live string physical-modelling + splicing hand-drawn wavetables :
instruments constructed from mathematically generated sounds built by Simmons’s within Pure Data

“Simmons’s rarely performs public concerts. When he does they’re in quad …an insistence it seems – sound described sculpturally in the round.
I suspect there’s a subversive manifesto here: we’ve become over-familiar with orchestras, bands and solo performers being the centre of attention – up front; move closer, retreat or turn your back to them – and their sound.
Here within the quad NUMBERSTREAM, you – the listener, are at the centre, there’s no getting away from that – getting away from yourself!
…and not just being an inescapable focus of the sound-field, but in an abstract dimension the centre of a psycho-somatic and dare I say it a psychedelic, visual structure: Simmons’s NUMBERSTREAM works on you, creating perceptions, as if with rapid-prototyping lasers that accrete intricate solid objects floating within other objects, in a room of liquid resin.”

#impressive #sound at #Albergo Diurno during @miartMilano‘, GRANPALAZZO ‎@granpalazzo.

Supported by the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi and coinciding with MIART art fair, part of a 3-day Sarah Lucas situation – INNAMEMORABILIAMUMBUM

Details and Booking



Julian Simmons at Cafe OTO 6Nov2015



As part of Russell Haswell’s three-day residency at Cafe OTO [5-7 Nov], I shall be performing solo on day-two : Friday 6th November 2015.

No samples, whether of acoustic instruments, synthesised pre-generated sounds or field recordings; all sounds – plucked and densely bowed strings, even what you’ll hear as the sea, are generated live on the spot – mathematically.

“A strange aerial zone was occupied and animated – I’ve never experienced sound to enter and affect me like that before.”

“When you played last night I closed my eyes and just let the sounds take over in the dark; it felt like your music went into my brain and created new synapses – how mad is that!”

Details of the event, visit :

CAFE OTO, 18–22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL. UK  [NB tickets are often sold out on the night of a gig, space is limited, buying tickets in advance is recommended]




“We need a bigger table!!”,  “Chill out man, there’s enough room”


NUMBERSTREAM | Whitechapel Surround-Sound Performance

Whitechapel 28Nov2013 NumberstreamElectronic quad surround-sound performance | Whitechapel Gallery London | Situation – Absolute Beach Man Rubble.

An orchestral environment of 14 or more simultaneous sound generators, each consisting of evolving waveforms – rapidly morphing from white-noise to complex sine.  Generators spread over 8 instruments, their location manipulated by 2 joysticks [2 x 4 discrete XY corner locations].  Joysticks also simultaneously modifying sound characteristics such as Frequency Modulation.

28 November 2013 | 8pm

Event Evening: Details / Booking [Sold-Out]

“Reminded me of Tangerine Dream ..and CAN!”

‘Very happy I heard Julian play ..he is a Rock! Situation came alive!
..the music he performed stands alone by itself, but also it was so beautiful to see Sarah’s objects around, it felt like being in your own space, …and we were intruders.’

The enhanced karplus-strong algorithm was recognised by at least two mutants, though many were in altered states / tripping.  Sustained maths, instruments swirling around four speakers, Video 1 minute by Bruno Brunnet, Contemporary Fine Arts / CFA, Berlin.


NUMBERSTREAM100 | Surround-Sound Performance

0 Julian Simmons SNAP 2013 film-stillLive electronic surround-sound performance: 8 June + 22 June 2013 [3pm both dates].  More Info: NUMBERSTREAM100

+ quad speaker diffusion running from 9 – 30 June throughout the Benjamin Britten centenary Aldeburgh Festival | part of SNAP 2013 /
Aldeburgh Music, Snape Maltings, Suffolk, IP17 1SR.

8 June 2013:
* BB Bells | Pure Numberstream | White-noise-based string model inst.
* Red House Helicopter | Pure Numberstream | Splicing dual-wavetable
* EPILOGUE, Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings
* DAWN, Peter Grimes, Interlude I
• Storm | Pure Numberstream | Filtered FM tones + white noise
• STORM, Peter Grimes, Interlude II
• MOONLIGHT, Peter Grimes, Interlude V
• DAWN [version 2], Peter Grimes, Interlude I
• SUNDAY MORNING, Peter Grimes, Interlude III
• MOONLIGHT [version 2], Peter Grimes, Interlude V
• EPILOGUE [heavy version], Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings

* ‘Set 1’ recording here: NUMBERSTREAM100

22 June 2013:
• BB Bells | Pure Numberstream | White-noise-based string model inst.
• DAWN, Peter Grimes, Interlude I
• Red House Helicopter | Pure Numberstream | Splicing dual-wavetable inst.
• Storm | Pure Numberstream | Filtered FM tones + white noise
• MOONLIGHT, Peter Grimes, Interlude V
• PP Tower | Pure Numberstream | 3 white-noise-based string model instr.
• EPILOGUE, Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings
• Chariot | Noise + splicing dual-wavetable instrument
• EPILOGUE [heavy version], Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings


This CD presents direct-take recordings of multiple Pure-Data NUMBERSTREAMS played in real-time by modifying embedded variables; the two-track files were saved live within PD as the final output; no samples of actual instruments, field recordings, MIDI, or post-mixing employed.

Each piece played experimentally according to a score containing brief instructions with open time periods, varying to the performance situation.


1 SNAPE | The Slider  1 17:40 [excerpt 6:45-13:55]

4 NUZ | Spirit of Ewe  4 8:32 [excerpt 3:42-7:24]

‘It belongs to the sui generis genre; and it’s emergent : wikipedia’, Angus Cook.

“It’s like finding yourself outside at night… in front of the heavens… and the whole of reality drops away”, Sarah Lucas [commenting on SNAPE | THE SLIDER].

Signed CDR, self-released.  Total time 70:00.  Recorded Sept 2011.  Track 4 was extended in 2014 and uploaded with visuals NUZ Jet Lag.

SNAPE | THE SLIDER and NUZ | SPIRIT OF EWE first live performance :

Aldeburgh Music, Snape Maltings, Hoffmann Building, Suffolk, UK / 10 June 2011 [details here after SEE MORE > ]

All tracks alongside ‘Coloured Rose’ – light-sculpture by Cerith Wyn Evans exhibited :

Stolper + Friends, Tjuvholmen Alle 6, 0252 Oslo, Norway / October 2011.  Track 3 was composed especially for this exhibition.

Expansions of SNAPE | THE SLIDER and NUZ | SPIRIT OF EWE performed live quadraphonically :

Ekeberg Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway / 30 April 2016

Albergo Diurno Venezia, piazza Oberdan, Milan, Italy / 9 – 10 April 2016

Cafe OTO, 18–22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London, UK / 6 November 2015

Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High St, London, UK / 28 November 2013